Counter Strike 2 Players: Latest Map Fixes and Updates

Attention Counter Strike 2 Players! The recent release has unleashed an exhilarating gaming frenzy, and fear not. Valve remains our vigilant guardian, consistently rolling out updates to address any lingering bugs. The October 25 patch is a game-changer, introducing exciting modifications to cherished maps like Inferno and Dust 2. Inferno’s strategic landscape has been reimagined, demanding fresh tactics, while Dust 2 undergoes substantial alterations based on player feedback. These updates extend beyond aesthetics, encompassing innovative gameplay mechanics and weapon adjustments. With Valve at the helm, the Counter-Strike 2 experience is a constantly evolving adventure, promising new challenges and surprises for players, ensuring the journey remains thrilling and dynamic.

Counter Strike 2 Players: Inferno:

  • You can now spot the bomb easily at Bombsite B.
  • Grenade reflections off roofs and stones are sharper.
  • Certain balcony fences have been removed for a clearer view.
  • The garage door at Bombsite A has been modified for better visuals.
  • All dark corners in the Inferno workshop have been brightened.
  • A farewell to tiny gaps and hello to overall smoother movements!

Counter Strike 2 Players: Overpass:

  • Certain models and textures have update for a neater look.
  • Lighting in specific areas has adjust for better visibility.
  • Some grenade bounces have tone down.


  • The ramp door’s hitbox is fixed to regulate grenade bounce.
  • Player spotting at Bombsite B has improve.
  • No more players sneaking through garage doors and weird shadows.
  • All gaps have fill and smoother movements now expect.

Dust 2:

  • Small cracks in crate models have been fix.


  • Grenades now free from getting lodge at Bombsite B.
  • Floating weapons due to map geometry fix.
  • Various holes and cracks have been patch.
  • A bug where the bomb could leave the map has been rectified.
  • Unfair stacking zones eliminate and lightings at CT spawn water area sort.
  • Mid-player spotting is make easier, along with better positioning for the CT team intro.
  • Movements are overall smoother now.


  • Player visibility around the SWAT van has enhance.
  • Lighting artifacts in cubicles now fix.
  • Artifacts on crates with low graphic settings resolve.
  • The vending machine movement has disable.
  • Movement is now overall more enjoyable.


  • Stairs no longer block your bullet and grenade paths.
  • Steel beams have correct surface properties now.
  • Movements are generally smoother.


  • The bullet penetration issues have fix.
  • General improvements have been make for an overall slicker experience.

Other Updates:

  • Fixed weapon drop-off cases specific to maps.
  • Self-damage confusion from molotovs is no longer.
  • Performance for flashbangs and HE grenades has improve.
  • Various adjustments and bugs fixes for weapon skins and stickers have make.
  • Consecutive packet loss issues have address.
  • Fixed a routing bug in SDR routing.

With these updates from October 25, expect an elevated gaming experience. Have a blast everyone! Happy SLOTBANGJAGO gaming!